Brain Fertiliser: Memory and Cryptomnesia?

Brain fertiliser: knowledge + self-reflection= wisdom. How often do you think your own mind does this? How could you check? Cryptomnesia.n. an implicit memory phenomenon in which people mistakenly believe that a current thought or idea is a product of their own creation when, in fact, they have encountered it previously and then forgotten it. Cryptomnesia can occur in any creative enterprise, as for example when an investigator develops a research idea that he or she believes is original whereas in actuality it can be documented that he or she saw or heard the idea at some earlier point in time. Also called inadvertent plagiarism; unconscious plagiarism. from brain embryos dot com
I’ve noticed this countless times in my own mind. I guess I wouldn’t know how many other times this happens. What if my treasured mind is just a human Instagram feed? 😱

Tell me, can you think of some stories of this happening for yourself?

Conscious and self-reflective strategies for decreasing memory errors:

More reading on our mindless memories:

Cryptomnesia definition source:

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