3 thoughts on “Brain Fertiliser: Emotions? What for?

  1. I don’t know. My gut feeling from an anthropological point of view would be social cohesion. Caring for our fellow beings makes the tribe / the group stronger and survive in spite of what may be insurmountable odds / gives us a tenacity we otherwise would not have.

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    1. Thanks for your thinking Nathan! Yeah, who the hell would bear the burden of a screaming child, or stick it out to negotiate with a bunch of people with inevitably conflicting ways based on reason alone? Social cohesion is definitely something our emotional motivations promote or deter isn’t it?

      I’d love to know more about your ideas as/if they grow when I see you at the group. Do you mind if I post your comment on my FB thread of this question, with credit to you? All thinking and ideas prompt more thinking and ideas.

      It’s quite fascinating to think that we humans (in general), dedicate so much time to understanding how other things work and understanding their purpose. But so little on understanding something so fundamental, constant and determining of our lives and experience as emotions. For example, we might leave 13 years of formal education understanding the purpose of the third person narrative device (something most people will never need to know in later life), but zero formal education and thought about something common to, life-determining and inescapable for all of us…

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      1. Of course. Share away and keep writing awesome thought provoking posts!

        And totally agree that we should learn more about emotions as we grow. I think it would solve a lot of problems in the world if we were more in tune with ourselves and with how we feel and interpret the world.

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