Liebster New Blogs: Despite Pain

Despite Pain 

The tagline of Despite Pain is “Living with chronic pain or disability is difficult. But we can still live, laugh and love, despite pain”. Despite pain writes thoughtful, wise pieces on living a fulfilling life inclusive of having chronic physical pain, from the perspective of someone with lifelong, lived-experience of chronic physical pain. The personal resonance of this theme for me is my backwards commitment to living my life inclusive of the inescapable emotional pains rather than in avoidance of them, and because several people I care about deeply live with chronic physical pain as well. This post, Learning to Listen to Your Body When You’re in Pain, is a good example of the unconventional idea of utilising painful cues as useful information, rather than battling them. 

2 thoughts on “Liebster New Blogs: Despite Pain

  1. Hi, and thank you for writing about my blog.
    You know, I don’t think there is much difference between physical and emotional pain. They can both affect our lives and both can be draining and difficult. In many ways, emotional pain is probably even more difficult. I write about physical pain because that’s what I experience, but I hope that some of my posts could mean something to people with emotional pain too.

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    1. I’m really glad to share your work. I have the same suspicion about emotional vs physical pain, although I don’t have any lived experience of anything other than minor pain. I like the themes you write about, though, for that reason. You seem to write in the spirit of acknowledging the difficulties and barriers and simultaneously finding ways to seek the good things in life without needing the pain to be absent. For me, this is very much an ideal for emotional pain too- so I don’t see a distinction in terms of that idea : )


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