Liebster New Blogs: Quirky Writes

Quirky Writes

Happening upon Quirky Writes last week got me excited too! So far, I’ve noticed that the blogging world is swimming with health and wellbeing, money/career, fashion and parenting topics. The point of difference that got me to pause with intrigue was that Quirky Writes is solid, practical health and wellbeing from the evidence base of science. QuirkyWrites is obviously a thoughtful writer and a proficient science communicator. Deep Breathing Exercise for Stress and Anxiety is an easy to read, engaging and easily digested breathing technique, reinforced by explanation of the neural and physiological mechanisms that cause our breathing to have an impact on our mental state. I loved it because while ‘science’ knows the inseparability of mind and body, our popular concept still poo-poos it, so the more of this the better.

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