Scrubby McSpiny-Face

Usually, I’d never leave home without a scourer- scourers don’t grow on trees, you know. But on this occasion I did. So, I found myself at risk of a ruined morning coffee when the baked-on remnants of my scrambled egg wouldn’t budge from the same vessel I needed to boil my coffee water in. I tried chux and fingernail scratching to no avail.

I’m in the middle of the scrub. With nothing to scrub with and no shop to pop into to. Luckily, as it turns out, scourers do grow on trees. Nature’s supermarket has an entire aisle dedicated to scourers. I suspect the mysterious thing I found wasn’t designed for scrubbing, its purpose is probably for seed dispersal and is a very well known Australian native with a name, but I found a scratchy, spiky thing I don’t know the name of and it saved my life.

Coffee ruiner (this photo doesn’t do the grime justice)

IMG 1034

Spike Milligan

IMG 2800

Spinikins gets to work

IMG 9648

Some tasty debris

IMG 7653

My life is back on track

IMG 4208

Then I remembered the exfoliator glove I washed my face with minutes before… After having procured Mr Spiky. Probably would’ve been easier… But just shows how one-track our minds can be. Definitely wouldn’t be trying out Spiky McGee on my face, though. On the other hand, my feet could benefit… Also, I could have just asked one of the other campers to borrow a scourer. I clearly just wanted the self-satisfaction of being ingenious and resourceful…

IMG 2541

Nature’s Supermarket: Scouring supplies aisle 1

IMG 2542

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