Approaching Life as a Treatment for Mental Health

Improving mental health outcomes has historically focused directly on symptom reduction and therapeutic treatments (including medication and psychological therapy). In mental health research, the causal and maintaining impacts of the broader aspects of a person’s life are very much recognised. However, they’re much more complex to address so it makes sense that the therapeutic targets remain the primary (and for some, the only) focus.

Any change in this seemingly myopic approach is a massive, multi-faceted undertaking, but encouraging conversations about the very natural dependence of good mental health on these broader life factors is one avenue.

First up- it seems the most obvious but so often over-looked- is the strength of relationships with other people 😊

A MASSIVE topic, with so many areas to explore especially for people who don’t already have these strong relationships. This article is just a brief summary of some important thinking points.

And actually, I’ll just add quickly that while developing healthy human relationships can seem like a task beyond our control if they don’t just ‘happen’, it is entirely possible to learn real skills and strategies for working towards this (sounds weird to learn skills for peopling- but why not if it could make life better? 😊).

This link outlines some aspects of the importance of healthy relationships:

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